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Exacompta Bloc Faf – Retro Office Excellence

The Exacompta Bloc Faf
The Exacompta Bloc Faf is a cool retro inspired pad of paper held together with real metal bolts and washers. People just adore this pad of paper when they see it. It has a mid-20th century styling (think Perry Mason and Della Street) while being incredibly sturdy and useful.

It stays put on a desk, with the underside having five rubbery feet. A bloc of two hundred sheets is deposited on two metal spokes, and held in place with a metal bar and two washers. The metal does corrode a bit over time.
The Exacompta Bloc Faf
It will definitely get double-takes in an office – yet it is in no way fancy or overdone – just great design.

A nice “upgrade” I recently discovered is that it can take quadrillé (graph paper) refills! I’ve got one waiting to jump into service.
The Exacompta Bloc Faf
Recommended without reservation!

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