British pencil industry is alive.


Cumberland Pencil Company, makers of the famous Derwent line, are building a new £4.5m, 45,000 square foot factory.

This is quite historic. The graphite mines in the region have an incredible history, and this new factory continues the contribution. Petroski’s The Pencil has dozens of references to this area of Britain.


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  1. Hello,

    Do you know DALER ROWNEY ? A very old british brand, 1783 I think. These pencils are still produced. But they seem to be made in Austria.

  2. Good For The British! I am all for supporting companies who stay local, wherever they are. I regularly use Derwent “Studio” colour pencils in my work as an artist; there are colours there that you can’t get in any other brand. I also have an old set of Cumberland coloured pencils simply called “Derwent”, which I suspect were probably replaced by their newer line called Derwent “Artists”, which I haven’t got around to trying yet.

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