Dong-a Fable pencil

Dong-a Fable pencil

The fourth in our series on Korean pencils.

The Fable is the top of the Dong-a line. It has the slogan, “The highest quality for general use.” Does this mean they are the highest quality, and can be used for general purposes, or does it mean that among the pool of “general use” pencils, the Fable has the highest quality?

Dong-a Fable pencil

The pencil is a rounded hexagonal shape, with black varnish and gold colored lettering. The pencil grade is highlighted with a grey band.

Dong-a Fable pencil

As to the quality – hmm, I am not able to convince myself that it is better than the regular Dong-a office pencil.

I would call it an unexceptional pencil.

3 Replies to “Dong-a Fable pencil”

  1. Hi!

    So, is it possible to buy these anywhere? Anyone on eBay sell them maybe? I would like to try out some of those, they look good. :-)

    Kim André.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your comment. These were a gift sent to me from Korea. I’m afraid I don’t have any “blyantinformasjon” on where to buy them. :-(

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