david hayward design 2.0mm leadholder


david hayward design 2.0mm leadholder

David Hayward is a silversmith and designer who practices in Cheltenham, England.

I learned about his custom made leadholders from (where else?) leadholder.com.

david hayward design 2.0mm leadholder

My Lamy “Scribble” is trusted and proven, but I learned that david hayward design had introduced a “Scribbler”, also a wide lead leadholder, some years earlier.

david hayward design 2.0mm leadholder

I’m not certain if this is the one leadholder to rule them all, but it is very nice – exceptionally nice. Like the Montblanc Sketch Pen and the Mitsubishi Pure Malt, it is not just a creative writing and drawing implement, but an object worthy of appreciation in and of itself.

david hayward design 2.0mm leadholder

The pencil barrel is sterling silver with prominent hallmarks, the nose appears to be chrome finished, and the push button on top is also metal. The lead advance mechanism is push-button. (It is basically a mechanical pencil.)

This is a very refined pencil that rivals the quality and finish of any writing implement that I am aware of. It is also made by an individual craftsperson, which makes it all the more unique. Compared with other luxury writing implements, it is very reasonably priced.

2.0mm lead is widely available from both office and art supply stores, in a range of degrees, so refills are no problem. 2.0mm is also the width of the lead in woodcase pencils, so the handling is very familiar.

If you shake the pencil, the pushbutton makes a slight rattling noise. That is the only (very minor) thing I don’t like about it.

The pencil is very comfortable to hold, with a diameter of about 11mm. It combines a substantial heft with portability – a very powerful combination. I’ve been regularly using it for a few weeks, and like it all the more.

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  1. I really like the look of this pencil. Am I blind or is it not shown on the davidhayward website? It appears to only offer this one in 5.6mm version?

  2. kiwi-d, you’re right – it isn’t shown on the website. But there are pictures here and there of other david hayward products, so I wrote and asked about what else they have. This pencil turned out to be one of the items not on the website.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think these photos capture how nice the pencil really does appear.

    And since I mentioned the pushbutton rattling, it has begun to bother me a bit more. I would say it is more than just a “very minor” (my original classification) issue for an expensive writing implement.

  3. Thank you Mr. Hayward!! And thank you Pencilman for providing such a forum where a person such as myself can get input as good as this. :D

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