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Lung Sketching Scrolls is a most engaging blog. Alberto, apart from regularly contributing comments here (always appreciated!) – has – and uses – a great wealth of pencils and drawing supplies. He writes about drawing and art supplies, with many excellent photos of his artwork and insights into the hard work that accompanies the creativity.

Here is a post close to my heart!

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  1. Hi Stephen, this post of Alberto’s is a very good read and a must-see for its photos of top flight drawing supplies. Alberto’s wealth of pencils is exceeded only by his love of sketching and his wealth of talent. On the matter of which tools to use one could do far worse than to follow his lead. Particularly valuable are the observations he makes concerning the various brands of pencils–where else can one learn for instance that Caran D’Ache graphite is smudge resistant up to 3B? On one level an artist like Alberto values good tools, admires them and praises them, but on another level, in the clutch of expression, he doesn’t want to think about them at all. The most highly thought of tools are the ones the artist doesn’t give a second thought to using because they are the least likely to come between him and the fullest development of his artistic aims. Judging by the results he has achieved with his favored instruments, who can doubt the choices he has made for inclusion in his daily kit?

  2. I appreciate your kind words. It was mainly your informative blog with the many clear product pictures that put me on the path to track and find the once elusive Hi-Uni and Mono 100 pencils. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback!

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