Train Pencils (the prequel)

Tombow Train Pencils

More amazing, beautiful, train-theme pencils from Tombow. I was lucky enough to find a source for the original set of train pencil boxes, numbers one through four. We have previously seen boxes five through eight.

Tombow Train Pencils

Three years ago, I associated novelty pencils with the lowest level of pencil making. How wrong I was! Firms such as Tombow do make pencils like these to the highest standards in the industry. The design and details are just amazing.

Tombow Train Pencils

Imagine a pencil of this calibre being given out by a dentist, realtor, or even at the train station, instead of the third-rate ballpoints and pencils we usually see.

Tombow Train Pencils

13 Replies to “Train Pencils (the prequel)”

  1. beautiful details shown by your wonderful photography. thank you for sharing what i am not able to see in person!

  2. Thanks for sharing these with us! I’m glad you found them and I hope you acquire all of the pencils in this line. They are truly special. I suppose it would be churlish to ask how they write:>).

  3. Beautiful pencils in beautiful boxes – amazing! I wonder if something like this is even taken into consideration by those who finally decide to order 1000+ cheesy custom-printed ballpoints …

    So far I have only seen two kinds of pencils with a rounded square cross-section, namely these train pencils and the Pantone Graphite. Is there any indication that both come from the same manufacturer?

  4. Thank you for the comments.

    Gunther, I suspect it isn’t widely known that products like this exist. I’m not sure where one would even start in trying to commission a pencil like this.

    While the train pencil is made by Tombow, I don’t know anything about the provenance of the Pantone pencil. The former Colleen pencil company made some rounded square pencils as well.

  5. On this occasion: Kossy, I enjoy your blog as well – it is very interesting! May I ask what pencil extender is the first one shown in the last photo in this post? The black and white barrel is much appealing.

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