Pelikan pencils

Pelikan 2B pencils

Pelikan is a famous fountain pen manufacturer, well regarded for maintaining quality though several decades.

It was a real surprise to learn that they also sell woodcase pencils! Unlike the ambiguous situation of the Rotring pencil we looked at last year, the Pelikan pencil does get official corporate acknowledgement at Pelikan’s website.

The Pelikan 2B has a cartoon Pelican on the box, wearing green shorts (lederhosen?), a red shirt, and yellow cravat.

The box states:

* Made of high quality wood and sharpen smoothly (sic)
* Minimum breakage and lesser lead-flaking

Pelikan 2B pencils

The pencils are blue with silver striping, and marked:

2B 0 Pelikan

There is no country of origin information that I can discern. Pelikan pencils in South America originate in Pakistan, according to Pelikan’s website.

The pencils are quite ho-hum. Other than the product’s interesting corporate origin, there is not too much to recommend them.

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  1. The design of the pencil with silver and two shades of blue is quite appealing (at least to me) although the low quality of the printing spoils it. – I haven’t seen the hardness grade “0” before. A typo on a pencil?

  2. Well, there is a special connection: hardness grade “0” – zero overview of my collection ;-) To be honest: I have lost track to a great extent, mainly because of my suboptimal strorage solutions.

  3. hey, that’s a pre-dixon acquisition temagraph (now they are like a ticonderoga).

    it reminds me my childhood.

  4. I get the same pencils from Thailand, seems comes from Pelikan Malaysia…
    I found the wood is quite smooth compare to others brand that you can find in South East Asia.
    I like the clean blade sharpening compare to the crap material from STAEDTLER.

  5. Hi,

    I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia as an American. I remember using these huge green Pelikan erasers and their pencils were green with black stripes. I loved them! They were of the high quality of Staedtler. This was around the years 1975 to the early 1980’s. When we left….the one thing I missed from Saudi were those erasers and pencils!!

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