The committee organizing celebrations for Italy’s 150th anniversary in 2011 is including a pencil design competition with a 5,000 Euro top prize!

With anonymous judging of entries, this sounds like a great competition.

The criteria? Translated by “Google Translate”:

– Ability to reflect the issues and values of “Experience Italy”: 50 points
– Innovations in the use of materials: 10 points
– Appearance of the aesthetic: 10 points
– Originality and innovation: 10 points
– Ergonomic aspects: 10 points
– Environmental sustainability: 10 points

Foreigners may enter, and English is one of the allowed documentation languages. If you look at the Italia 150 website, international tourism promotion is clearly one of the goals of the celebration, so a design from an “outside view” could be a contender.

FILA is naturally one of the sponsors.

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