Mitsubishi train pencils (2)

Mitsubishi train pencils

Another magnificent set of pencils in tribute to the Japanese railway system. This is a set of 18 colour pencils, housed in a tin case, and made by the esteemed Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

The inside of the lid reveals some details:

Mitsubishi train pencils

We also see the familiar mark of the Mitsubishi Pencil Company:

Mitsubishi train pencils

The pencil set is stunning, and includes an eraser and sharpener:

Mitsubishi train pencils

The pencils have a distinctive style, and extensive attention to detail:

Mitsubishi train pencils

Mitsubishi train pencils

Interesting as pencils, they are also amazing reflections of other realms.

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  1. Yes, these pencils were made by Mitsubishi for the Hokkaido Kiosk Corporation, this corporation operates the kiosks at JR Hokkaido so technically these pens are not issued in any way by JR. They are sold as gifts/souvenirs. The inner lid identifies the different colours with different train lines. Interestingly it also contains a space for elementary school students to write their name, class and school year.

  2. I have 3 sets of these Mitsubishi pencil sets – with trains and buses from the Kansai Area, circa 2005-2007. All sets are in new condition with eraser and pencil sharpener. All pencils unused, and the tin cases are as new, although there may be a couple of minor scuffs as they have been in my sons cupboard for the last 10 years.

    Some sets are still available online elsewhere (

    My son no longer wants them and is looking to sell. Pictures can be provided on request

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