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Bruynzeel pencils

Bruynzeel is a Netherlands pencil and art supply brand, now owned by Sakura of Japan. A couple of years ago, we took a look at the Bruynzeel High Grade pencil. Today, we’ll look at three more pencils:

Bruynzeel Triple Grip Bruynzeel design pencil 8615 Design by Bruynzeel-Sakura 8815

The Triple Grip is a […]

Stabilo GREENlighter highlighting pencils

Last month’s look at the Faber-Castell Textliner pencils elicited a response from a reader in the Netherlands, who asked me to compare them with Stabilo’s new GREENlighter products. Fortunately, the request was accompanied by a set of the pencils!

The modest packaging is appealing. A cutout reveals three highlighting pencils, and the text […]

Mitsubishi announces limited edition set of 240 colour pencils

The Mitsubishi Pencil Company has announced a limited edition set of 240 colour pencils!

Carbon and Ebony pencils

The lead pencil’s main ingredients haven’t changed much since Conté and Hardmuth figured out how to blend and bake clay and graphite approximately two hundred years ago.

Yet a few pencils acknowledge getting a bit of help from mixing in some charcoal, and some others are a bit more mysterious. Of course there […]

London Underground pencils

Accompanying a pencil tribute to London’s buses – the Underground’s map serves as inspiration for this set.


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