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  1. The boxed set featured in some Japanese websites certainly looks nice and functional, and once you work out the exchange rate each pencil comes up to $2.28 in Japan. Naturally the rest of us living in other parts of the world might exect to pay twice as much. While I’m certain of their exceptional quality as all things made by Mitsubishi Uni-ball, this collector set wouldn’t see much use even if I managed to importe it to the USA.
    Fine pencil “Uni” Anniversary Product Release 50

    ????????????????????? Not show a soft full-color depiction of the natural

    ????????????????????????240????? Including the traditional colors of Japan, not in any of the unique world of color pencil 240


    ?????????????????? Wooden case with a serial number

    6?1????????????????? Monday, June 1, the start order pre-order
    10?1??????????5,000??????? Thursday, October 1, with 5,000 available for a limited set of
    ???????? Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., Inc.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????240??????uni COLOR 240 LIMITED EDITION?????? 240 ????????????? ?1???52,500??????50,000????????????????????????50????????6?1????????????????????10?1?????????5,000???????????? Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo President: Hara Eiitirou few), including the traditional colors of Japan, well not show the soft colors of nature to describe a unique no 240 anywhere in the world of color pencil, uni COLOR 240 LIMITED EDITION (RIMITEDDOEDISHON 240 Uni-Color) (a set of 52,500 yen / 50,000 yen body), his last fine pencil “uni (uni),” released to commemorate the 50 anniversary, June 1 (Monday) in order to start accepting pre-orders from Thursday, October 1 in Japan from 5000 will be available for a limited set.

  2. If they are like the 100 Uni Mitsubishi set, they are quite hard, harder than Derwent Artists. It’s a pity, so many beautiful colours but so hard in lay down.

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