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Composition books

The composition book remains a useful format for writing, and possibly, a simple pleasure.

These books are single signatures of 50 pieces of paper, sewn and folded in half, creating 100 sheets. The cover is cardboard and fabric. The standard dimensions are 190mm/7.5″ width, 247mm/9.75″ height.

The Mead Composition seems to be the classic. […]

Caran d’Ache Technalo 779 water soluble pencil

These are not pencils for writing memoirs or taking scientific notes. Made by Caran d’Ache, the graphite core is water soluble. Like watercolour paint, the graphite dissolves when wet, becoming another type of medium, while remaining graphite.

The pencils, in HB, B, and 3B, have the bar code attached to a removable plastic piece:


The nutty eraser

Some of these nuts are not edible:

From Kikkerland, we have the PVC free and Latex free peanut eraser.

An amusing novelty, but not so great as an eraser:

Staedtler Tradition 118-2/3 red and blue pencil

The growth of online stores, auctions, and selling forums has resulted in many benefits for pencil end users, including the ability to discover unusual products. Here is an example.

How many people outside of Malaysia knew that Staedtler made a red and blue pencil?

The traditional red and blue format survives, yet I’ll […]

Crayola Pro Sketch pencil

The pencils are round and finished in matte black. They have silver lettering and grey dipped ends. The end colour varies with the grade.

The pencils sharpen easily. I can’t discern the type of wood, but it is agreeable from an end user perspective. I hope it isn’t an endangered species!


Fußball pencil

Faber-Castell has released a timely themed pencil.

Have you seen it (if you live in Germany), or any other FIFA World Cup themed pencils or stationery items?