4 Replies to “The nutty eraser”

  1. Pretty good rendition of a peanut in eraser form. Seems to me like they could easily pull off the look of brains too just in time for Halloween ;)

  2. Love the peanut. Hey, I am doing research on an eraser cap that will “fit” the beginner’s pencil #1. Do any of you know of any company that sells these?

  3. This is SO cute! I collect erasers. ;) I bought some of these in Rome. They are so realistic! Do any of you guys know where to buy the striped scented erasers, my friends’ little sisters buy these at the scholastic bookfair, and maybe you could try out going to the store called “School Box”. They might have those. The store is near White Flint Mall in White Flint Mall in Maryland. I forgot the street, sorry! Hope you find what your looking for! If anybody knows where to get the striped scented erasers please contact me at Faithandbrownie@comcast.net. Thanks!

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