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Porsche Design P’3120 mechanical pencils

The Porsche Design P’3120 series of writing instruments are machined from single blocks of aluminum. There are pencils and ballpoints in the series – no fountain pens or rollerballs. They are made by Faber-Castell, though press announcements indicate Pelikan is slated to take over manufacture of the Porsche writing implements. I’m curious if Pelikan […]

Summer takes a toll

Regular blog readers may notice a certain slowing of the pace. Let me assure you that it isn’t a loss of interest! In fact, the blog’s fifth anniversary is only three months away, and there will be a celebration. Yet, for the time being, high temperatures are resulting in a necessary focus on just getting […]

Staedtler 175th anniversary pencil set

2010 is Staedtler’s 175th anniversary! Unless of course we date the company back to the first known Staedtler pencil maker in Nürnberg, in which case the company is much older. In 1937, Staedtler released a 275th Anniversary pencil, which would date them to 1662, but they now claim origins in 1835.

Whatever the details, congratulations! […]

Ohto 9000 pencil

Mitsubishi and Tombow sit atop the Japanese woodcase pencil manufacturing industry. Smaller manufacturers such as Kita-Boshi, Camel, Kirin, and Eyeball also have market segments. But there are also other companies who aren’t manufacturers per se, but have a pencil line. The most notable is Pentel, who have brought some great products to the market […]

The H. A. (Hirohachi Akagi) Faber Fortress pencil

For some amazing pencil history, please see the cyclingpencils blog. Written in Japanese with photo titles and partial text in English, the last two posts tell a story about a pencil that may look familiar at first glance – the H. A. Faber “Fortress”. But H. A. Faber isn’t a distant member of the […]

Mitsubishi Jumbo-uni pencil

A special variant of the famous Mitsubishi Uni pencil.

The Jumbo-uni is 25cm long and 1cm in diameter!

The appearance and markings are generally the same as the regular Uni. Some text is different:

It really is Jumbo:

Uni pencils mention the company establishment in 1887. “85th anniversary” […]