Staedtler 175th anniversary pencil set

2010 is Staedtler’s 175th anniversary! Unless of course we date the company back to the first known Staedtler pencil maker in Nürnberg, in which case the company is much older. In 1937, Staedtler released a 275th Anniversary pencil, which would date them to 1662, but they now claim origins in 1835.

Whatever the details, congratulations! People around the world love Staedtler – the brand represents an image of good quality products offered at fair prices. Not necessarily the cheapest, but guaranteed to work well.


For this anniversary, Staedtler is offering an item that also commemorates the start of the railway between Nürnberg and Fürth. It is a cardboard tube with twelve Mars Lumograph pencils and a special eraser.

There are also versions for the Noris and tradition lines.


The city coats of arms are shown. Am I the only one surprised by the clover used by Fürth? The Wikipedia article relates some of the history.


Alas, the only actual new stationery item is this eraser. While it is fine enough, I guess that I would have hoped for a bit more from a company such as Staedtler. It is a 175th anniversary, after all!


The real celebration seems to have been on the cultural front, with a wonderful exhibition described here at Lexikaliker.

My thanks to Gunther from Lexikaliker for sending me this fine set of pencils!

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  1. Neat set. I would have expected some sort of snazzier commemorative tin packaging for a 175th anniversary set. Yet I suppose a cardboard tube might be more “green” or perhaps simply a reflection of leaner times worldwide.

  2. It would have been nice to see a anniversary set with a mix of pencil grades.
    About the clover: old Grundig radios also used the clover as a logo since Grundig is from Fuerth too.

  3. Alberto, yes there is a modest aspect to the cardboard tube that could be a sign of the times.

    Memm, thank you for the clover tip. As someone who used to listen to shortwave radio, the Grundig name was probably known to me as a child before I heard of Staedtler.

  4. Hi guys, I have a 1937 full pencil set in a beautiful tin case stating 275th anniversary pencil box, in immaculate condition. Can anyone tell me about it?

  5. Hi Gunther,
    I just received an email from Staedtlers customer service team. they managed to find some info for me.
    “Our archivist informed us that the pencil case was released 1937 due to the 275th anniversary of the first mention of Friedrich Staedtler.

    One of the pencil pioneers was Friedrich Staedtler, an ancestor of our company founder. He made pencil making his main profession and references to him in Nuremberg’s city annals date back to 1662.
    He was the first craftsman to make pencils from start to finish – from the lead and the cutting of the wooden stick right up to the finished pencil itself. Although his actions were in direct violation of the Nuremberg Council which had determined that this required two different trades, his actions prepared the ground for the entire pencil-making profession.”

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