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A vintage dual function pencil

Tombow LV-KEV and National Pencil Quote Re: graphite and red double ended pencils.

It looks like the fantastic Tombow Black Red LV-KEV pencil had at least one predecessor.

Tombow LV-KEV and National Pencil Quote Re: graphite and red double ended pencils.

The National Pencil Co. was the location of a 1915 murder that is still resonating.

4 comments to A vintage dual function pencil

  • Eric

    Does anyone know why this pencil would be geared toward Stenographers?

  • Eric, the comments of this post have some information about this question.

  • Yes, I know the story of “Murder in a Pencil Factory” and if not mistaken, there was a movie on this story..

    While refreshing the mind by reading this story, we can admit one thing..

    In the early years in United States, there were “Child Labour”!!(The girl who was murdered was only 13 years old and from last 3 years after leaving her school she worked at various places)

    Today, in 21st Century, Governments of developed countries are worried of “Child Labour” and “Child Abuse”, why they do not look in to their own past??

    I agree and understand that every CHILD born should have all privilege education and fun of life without the burden of earning for own “bread & butter” till reach age of 19, but in poorer countries is this possible??

    I narrate the words of Pele, the famous Soccer Player:

    If we want to have a ‘better’ world,
    We have to invest in its “FUTURE”!!
    The “FUTURE” of our world is our Children!!

    So let us invest in our children by giving them all needed assistance and facilities of Education and Health..

    Harshad Raveshia

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