Tombow LV-KEV pencil

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

The Tombow LV-KEV is an absolute delight of a pencil. Though similar in concept to the red and blue pencils we have seen – this is a mix of HB grade graphite (a.k.a lead) at one end, and red at the other – though not in equal measure. The black lead end is 70% of the pencil, and the red end 30% of the pencil. The “LV” in the pencil name may stand for “Lead Vermillion”.

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

The special features don’t end there – the lead core is oversized at about 3mm in diameter (most pencil leads are about 2mm), and 5 edges are painted – with the sixth natural. Additionally, the pencil is manufactured by the finger joint process. This is a very special pencil! (And it needs a better name.)

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

Tombow LV-KEV pencil

10 Replies to “Tombow LV-KEV pencil”

  1. This is a great idea, and the portions seem right. I’d use the graphite for taking notes about a book, and the red to check key passages.

  2. i dont speak japanese but the name on the box and the pencils appears to simply be “kuro aka enpitsu” which would give it the more simple (elegant?) name of “black red pencil”… i might have the readings of the kanji wrong, but i think theres a good chance that im correct.

    can you provide a photo of the pencil which includes the lv-kev designation?

    google search of the name in kanji brings up the tombow pencil:

  3. Thank you for the comments. I agree that this is a great idea.

    Thanks for the link, melonpan. I don’t think I have a handy photo focusing on the “LV-KEV”, but you can see the “KEV” in the top photo.

  4. Love having HB and red lead in one pencil. And leaving one facet unpainted is a neat design detail. Seems like I’m rarely able to actually buy stuff you review though, which drives me a little bit crazy (que the Gnarls Barkley track).

  5. J, thanks for your comment.

    I have deliberated more than once on the merits of featuring harder-to-find pencils. I think many of them will become more accessible over time. e-commerce is still growing up!

  6. I hear ya. I think I’d prefer a mix of accessible and less accessible or exotic products, but the stuff that is both accessible and interesting has probably already been covered in these pages. Definitely keep doing what you’re doing.

  7. Oh man, a dream pencil. Any idea where can I order these from. I dont see it at

    Its just incredible exactly what I was always wanting someone actually makes. Ajjajajajaj.
    Help. I need it.

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