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The Pencil by Staedtler

The Pencil (possibly, The Pencil Set) by Staedtler is a new generically named multi-functional pencil product.

The product is housed in a black cardboard box (mine was crushed in the mail, but I can imagine that a pristine store bought version would look rather nice) and contains three pencils and an extender. The […]

The case of the wrong WOPEX

A very belated clarification…

Staedtler Canada gently let me know that this post featured the wrong WOPEX pencil. The 2010 post reviewed a light blue finished version – but in Canada and the US, a green version (the same colour as the 2H WOPEX sold in Europe, as far as I can tell) is […]

A visitor from Mars

This visitor carries a Noris colour pencil:

The left foot has the Staedtler logo:

My thanks to Gail from Staedtler for sending this visitor my way.

Staedtler special offer over

The special offer from Staedtler has ended. All 175 kits have been claimed. Winners will be notified by the end of today (June 15, 2011).

Thank you to Staedtler for this very generous offer!

Staedtler pencilmaker set

Staedtler kindly sent pencil talk a sample of their new pencilmaker set.

The official product description in English is “7-piece historic pencil kit including instructions,” and the model number is “61 HP KIT”.

Readers of Lexikaliker know that the product was unveiled at the 2011 Paperworld show, and part of a larger series of […]


In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the JS Staedtler pencil making plant in Nürnberg, we are offering a limited quantity of “Historic Pencil Maker” Kits, free of charge, to Pencil Talk readers. Simply email us, and tell us what you like best about Staedtler pencils and how you use them. […]