Upcycled pencils

Just a very short note. Staedtler has announced pencils made from “upcycled wood”. Upcycled wood is defined as “wood chips produced in the wood processing industry.”

The upcycled family includes the colour Noris 185 and 187, digital stylus pencils, and the graphite Staedtler Neon 180 and Noris 183.

These pencils (at least the 180 and 183) were previously known to use WOPEX. Perhaps this is a rebrand?

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  1. Strange that they’d move away from the WOPEX brand. Perhaps it’s just too opaque and doesn’t communicate what it is.

    I bought some 185 colouring pencils a couple of years ago and I’m certain they said “made with WOPEX” or similar on the box. The 175s, which I also bought, are described as “wood free” and still seem to use that term.

  2. Thanks Koralatov. I liked the WOPEX name, but with hindsight agree that it sounds technical and doesn’t convey much meaning to consumers.

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