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Staedtler 2957 colour copying pencil – continued

Continuing from the previous post, we open up the tin. I would say there is a lot of evidence of pride in the product: The paper flaps have all sorts of fascinating information about the MARS line. I like the list of the “most important” products: The pencils, finished in black, perhaps have less show [...]

Staedtler 2957 colour copying pencil

Pencil packaging graphics were truly amazing some years ago. This post is more a look at some particular artwork rather an exploration of the pencils. The seams of this box have largely disintegrated: One side of the bottom has a label: While the box itself has some nostalgic appeal, a gem is hidden on the [...]

The hidden life of copying pencils

A precursor to carbon paper, the Gestetner machine, and the photo copier, the copying pencil allowed the duplication of hand created documents.

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

It has been over two years since we last looked at a copying pencil. The Sanford Noblot, like the Koh-I-Noor Kopierstifte 1561, appears to be a regular graphite pencil, writing with a traditional “black lead” core. There are still several copying pencils on the market with coloured leads, but the Noblot is the last one [...]

L. & C. Hardmuth Koh-I-Noor Kopierstift 1561

I had bought a box of “vintage” pencils via an online auction site…