Moleskine memo-pockets: useless?


Moleskine Memo Pockets: Useless?
Is the memo-pockets the most useless Moleskine variant?

One of the charms of the Moleskine notebook is the useful backpocket. So why not add even more pockets? Why not go even further and remove the paper, and offer a Moleskine with nothing but pockets? Well, this has actually been done.

What one gets is the world’s most expensive unusable accordion folder. I bought the small version two years ago. My intended use was to help organize a trip. But even in 2003, most tickets and receipts were much too large for the Moleskine pocket. There are only six pockets, so what can be done with them? The pockets are not labelled, and it would probably be quite hard to do so, due to the need to fold everything back into the cool Moleskine form factor.

My fault I thought – I need the large model. Wait – it’s still too small for train tickets, hotel receipts, and most documents that I’d want to put in there.

So – what can be done with them? Any ideas?

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  1. I think folks have mentioned that it makes a nice holder for a Hipster PDA, if you’re into that sort of thing;)

    I can picture Thoreau using one to carry leaf samples, though maybe the larger one would work better for that.

  2. I know some people who use it for their Hipster PDA, and that works well for them. I picked one up for keeping trip expenses organized and it works perfectly for me. I might be on the road every week for a month or longer. I was carrying envelopes with me for collecting and organizing receipts. I like the memo pockets much better for a few reasons:

    1) more compact storage takes up less room than my previous system
    2) keeps items from multiple weeks all together so they never get separated or out of order
    3) has a hard cover front and back with a strap to keep it closed, making it durable and easy to just toss into a bag without having to be too careful
    4) the cover is reasonably liquid-resistant, in case of rain or nearby spills.

    I’ve been using mine for a month this way. I just posted pictures and some comments to my Flickr account:


  3. Paul,

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. I’m glad it works for you.

    About the Hipster PDA – are these regular 3×5 index cards used? They barely fit in the small memo-pockets, and would probably be too small in the large version.

  4. Yeah, 3x5s. I know, I tried a few in my memo pockets and didn’t like it, but some people do it. I saw a hPDA idea that put translucent stiff plastic on the top and bottom of the traditional hipster deck of cards – I’d probably go that way instead, myself. But I love the memo pockets for holding travel-related expense receipts and other related things – a spare $20, some driving directions, etc.

  5. I’m another that uses this variant for business/travel receipts (currently) and business cards I pick up in traveling. I no longer misplace or lose a receipt, since everything automatically goes in the moleskine pockets.

    In the past, when I was mailing a lot of different types of things to different places, I also used it to store the myriad of postage stamps I used. I’ve known someone who used it to hold fabric/wallpaper/paint chips when she was remodeling her house. Everything she was using was in the moleskine and made for easier matching up when adding something new to the decor.

  6. I use my Moleskine Pocket Memo Pocket in the glovebox of my car as a masculine coupon holder. It keeps together all the stuff that I don’t want in my wallet, but need to get at easily. I use one pocket for restaurant (fast food) coupons, one for store coupons, and one for regular coupons. The other three are for business cards, store membership cards that I only occasionally use….and trip receipts.

  7. I made my own version, which can hold A6 paper. I will be using it as a travel writing organiser. It can hold a fair bit, and has no flap to restrict the thicknes. There are some pictures on my website showing the process, and a folding diagram for the accordion pleating for anyone who would like to make their own.
    And for hipster fans there is also plenty of inspiration if you follow the links in that section.

  8. the only thing i have found that fits nicely inside
    are stamp collecting tools: stamps,
    #2, #3 and #4 sized glassine envelopes, tongs, 2X magnifier.
    i only WISH the small cahier fit as well
    i have to slide it inside the rubber band.
    i take this to stamp shows.

  9. I bought a moleskin for work and am very pleased with it – I was exited about the pocket option and thought it would be great for keeping receipts, etc. unfortunately the book is so small and the binding so tight that I can barely get anything into the pocket – let alone out. It makes for a very frustrating experience and I have given up on it altogether.
    I like the idea of collecting leaves in the pocket book as I enjoy collecting leaves and pressing flowers and this would avoid them falling out of my books (as they often do)

  10. Me again,
    I wanted to say thank you for the very kind and generous package of pencils I received from Sonia at work. I look forward to not having to be at work so as to have time to try them out…
    I don’t know if Sonia mentioned but as a small child I collected pencils of all sorts – saving the shiny ones with happy birthday messages on them, the ones with fluffy ends, ones with smelly erasers (you get the idea). My favourite was a 60cm long rubber pencil from the CN tower that I could tie in knots and still write with (but not very well) Another favourite (and I think I still have it) is a very tiny pencil (roughly 3cm long x 2mm wide) but have never been able to write with it.
    I no longer collect pencils but to this day very much enjoy and apreciate a good, sturdy, cedar smelling, freshly sharpened, dark leaded pencil.
    So thank you!

  11. Yes, I think the Moleskine is a pretty useless invention when already existing accordion folders can be bought for much less money! I personally use Moleskine notebooks but I think this Memo pocket thing is more hype than anything. Dumb it and go for the cheaper alternative.

  12. I did a little surgery on mine. If you remove some of the pockets, there is more room for the stuff I want to put in there. Just cut off the outer pockets and then replace the front, thicker pocket wall. I’m down to 3 pockets and it’s much more satifactory. You can even take the guts out of a cahier and glue them in, if you like.

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