Wide lead art pencils: The Lyra Ferby and Grafitkreide

Here are two really fun pencils that I found at a local art supply store.

The first is the Lyra Ferby Graphit 97100. It is a natural finish oversize triangular pencil. The length of the pencil is less than a standard pencil. The lead is also oversize.

This pencil is pure fun. The lead is very dark and smooth, of the same calibre as premium standard sized pencils. Although the pencil might be aimed at children, it makes sense that an art supply store (and a selective one compared to most in these parts) would stock this implement. You can’t help but start drawing or doodling with it.

It lets you do serious things with it, but if you don’t, that’s also fine.

The second pencil is also from Lyra, and it’s actually a pure stick or crayon of graphite with a paper wrapping. It’s identified as the Lyra 1772. This thing can draw some incredible lines. In 9B, it owns any page it touches, with it’s smooth dark markings.

But the fun doesn’t end there – there is a water-soluble variant, the Lyra 1773. Wrapped in blue paper (the 1772 has a black wrapper) , it’s slightly smaller in diameter.

You can dip it in water and start sketching – it creates an amazing silvery metallic finish. Or if your brush skills are up to the task, you can sketch first, and apply a brush with water. My attempts just smeared whatever I drew, but I’m sure a more skilled hand would succeed.

For a buck or two, I think these are a lot of fun.

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  1. Hi. i’d like to know where i can purchase the lyra Ferby and Grafitkreide. It would be great if you can help me on that. Thanks!

    fascinating site by the way.

  2. Hi Gen, thanks for your comment.

    An art supply store would be the place to look, though the Ferby doesn’t seem to be as widely distributed as some of Lyra’s other offerings.

    If you like the Grafitkreide, I’m pretty sure it is available many places online.

  3. The Super Ferby is the answer for 12cm Ferby size. Ferby is intended for beginners of between 3 and 6 years, Super Ferby for 7 plus years. Once you have used them one never ever wants to write or draw with anything else.
    There is a NEW beginners pencil,also made by Lyra. It is called Groove and you can visit the website http://www.lyra-groove.de and find out more

  4. Regarding the Graphite Crayon of 12cm diameter and hexagonal shape there are two versions: 1772 = non-water soluble and
    1773 = water soluble.
    available in 2B, 6B and 9B degrees of softness/blackness.
    They are both perfect for sketching and shading of large areas

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