Announcement: August is New Zealand/Australia pencil month!

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Pencils of New Zealand

It’s with great excitement that I am able to announce New Zealand/Australia pencil month here at pencil talk. Thanks to Dave at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils, I have a nice assortment of woodcase pencils from Auckland, New Zealand. None of them are generally available in North America, so this will definitely be of interest to many readers of this blog.

This is the review schedule:

August 1 Stabilo Othello 282
August 6 Stabilo Schwan 305 & 306
August 8 Generic Pencil
August 13 Staedtler Pacific
August 16 Staedtler 132
August 20 Staedtler Tradition 110
August 23 Faber-Castell Goldfaber 1222
August 29 Faber-Castell 1111

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