Stabilo Schwan 305 and 306 pencils


The Stabilo Schwan pencil.
Schwan-STABILO also manufacture the Schwan line – “Schwan” being a swan, derived from the name of company founder Gustav Adam Schwanhäusser.

The Schwan pencils I have are curious – a yellow version, the Schwan 305, marked HB=2, and a wine coloured version, the Schwan 306, marked HB=21/2. The 306 is also labelled with a barcode.

The 305 is a decidedly darker lead than the 306.

The pencils have unfinished caps, and appear to be in more of a discount line than the Othello.

The Stabilo Schwan pencil.

The 305 lead broke both while writing and during sharpening. No problems were encountered with the 306.

While the simple styling is a plus, I don’t expect pencil leads to repeatedly fracture in anything but the cheapest of pencils, so these are a disappointment.

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  1. I have been trying to locate Stabilo pencils in general. I am looking to lay graphics on sheetmatal parts. It’s my understanding that the stabilo can be painted an cleared over without reaction to the paint. Which type of stabilo pencil would be most suitable for this application. What is the composition of the pencils medium?

  2. @Louis : try STABILO All (pencil) to write on almost every surfaces or STABILO write-4-all (permanent marker)

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