The Rolodex lives on!

My morning paper has a great piece on the Rolodex, though I’m not sure I like the phrase “Stone Age”.

I agree with the description of today’s desks. In my only job that supplied a Rolodex, I do recall having magnitudes more work space than today’s offices tend to provide.

2 Replies to “The Rolodex lives on!”

  1. I’ve got a single wheel Rolodex 35C made in Secaucus New Jersey that I bought at a yard sale for a dollar. It’s a very handy item.

    The Rolodex is a very handy people powered information retrieval system. It is also immune from system crashes-the only crashes are when Zelda the Wonder Cat knocks it over. And then it’s a matter of picking it up.

    I found a brand new Venus Detectograph 111 in my Lifetime Supply of Pencils box today. It’s a beauty-right into the Panasonic electric pencil sharpener it went.

  2. A $1 Rolodex is a great find. When I get certain pieces of information, say, a florist’s business card, I don’t transfer the information to an electronic format. I just try and keep the card handy. A Rolodex would be great for keeping business cards in one place.

    A Detectograph. Wow. Your pencil tastes are very refined. I think I’ll sharpen up a Dixon Planographic 2310, though I have only a manual sharpener.

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