Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder (and Nikka Single Malt 10yo “Yoichi” Whisky)

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

If you think luxury writing instruments and leadholders are mutually exclusive categories, look again.

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

The Mitsubishi Pencil Company offers the Pure Malt leadholder, with the body made from oak reclaimed from Malt Whisky casks! (The clutch, tip, clip, and cap are metal.)

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

It has a very sleek, clean appearance. The woodgrain is dark, smooth and elegant. Plus, it was made from a whisky cask!

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

It has the great feature of a retracting clutch, making it quite portable and pocket-safe. (See photos.)

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

I found the hold and feel quite comfortable, and like the manner in which it carries off being both a leadholder, and a fine looking writing implement.

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

Mistubishi Pure Malt 2.0mm leadholder

The small instruction booklet indicates there is a matching lead pointer, in a cask shape! I would love to get that item, but have not seen it for sale.

The unusual materials motivated me to seek out some actual Japanese whisky. Living in a place with a government liquor monopoly, my choice was the usual – no choice. Nikka Whisky Distilling Co.’s 10 year old single malt is the sole current offering. So Nikka it is.

(I have no knowledge of which distillery, Nikka or otherwise, provided Mitsubishi’s wood.)

Nikka Single Malt 10yo Yoichi Whisky

The bottle is a pleasing shape, and the stopper seems to have a deep coating around the cork – something I’ve never before seen.

Anyhow, on to the whisky. It is a dark straw or tea colour. The nose is pleasant to me, but at a time of year when a “warm” day is -8 degrees, I won’t claim that I can discern much. The taste is full of nuts, toffee, and fruity notes. It’s a very nice dram – as smooth as a Tombow 6B pencil. The character is very much that of a nice scotch whisky, though made many miles away.

The bottle will certainly not survive as long as the leadholder.

Two great products, not necessarily for enjoyment at the same time!

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  1. You’re killing me, here! First you post about fancy-schmancy Japanese pencils, those Craft pencil beauties, then you get your licks in about Mitsu leadholders and Japanese single malt whiskey. Talk about your unobtainium! I’m frosted washed mint green with envy. Keep the hits coming–you’re making my year :>))).

  2. I’d seen this leadholder advertised quite sometime ago and always wondered if it smelled of whisky. So does it????

    You got me thinking, about that other drink that gets reviewed with interesting language and comparisons. So a quick net search, and hey presto, an almost unlimited variety of wines that remind of “pencil shavings”, “pencil lead”, “old wooden pencil cases”, etc. Well, pencil shavings and wooden boxes I can understand, but pencil lead seems pushing it a bit far.

  3. Thats a shame, because then I was thinking about people who chew the end of their pencil – could have been an interesting experience for them :-)

    Might just chase down one of these pencil wines, have a sip, chew a pencil, have a sip – nothing like a bit of taste-testing???!!! :-)

  4. I’m looking it up online now, and can’t find any in stock at the usual places. It’s about $30.00.

    Here is the official product page. (There are other writing implements in the line for those who aren’t fond of leadholders.)

  5. That pencil looks like a Vanishing Point fountain pen. I wonder if it is made by Pilot/Namiki and stamped Mitsubishi. Just thinking aloud..

  6. I bought one of these from bundoki.com. They told me that their distributor is no longer able to get the barrel sharpener :( The shipping from Japan to Washington state only cost $11 and was here in < 1week! I really like the feel/weight of the pencil.
    Bundoki was great to work with. When my shipment arrived, there was even a Tombo Mono plastic eraser in the box. I love plastic erasers!

    Thanks for reviewing this pencil!

  7. Another recommendation for Bundoki.com – I ordered one of these last week and got it yesterday, and they were very good at communicating with me. You just email them the part number for international orders and they take Paypal.

    The pencil is excellent. The wood has a great feel and the woodgrain is more visible than in the pictures here.

  8. I ordered one from Bundoki based on what I saw and read here. Took 4 days to arrive and it is beautiful! The weight and feel is perfect for me. I think this will soon become a favorite to sketch with. Thanks for this review.

  9. Looking on the Ujuku ebay store, I noticed several other versions, including 0.5 mechanical pencils, in various shades of wood.

  10. Hi Stephen, did you kill the bottle yet?

    As “smooth as a Tombow 6B pencil”, I really like that touch though I think it would be lost on most fine spirits critics:>))).

  11. Thanks for all the comments. I concur on Bundoki’s excellent service.

    I just looked up “Ujuku” – I wasn’t familiar with them, but I see they have some relevant items! :-)

    Jim, eight months later, the leadholder is still in good shape, but the bottle seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way.

  12. Hello. I bought Mitsubishi pure malt 2mm holder also.
    I want to know how to replace lead exactly. The lead has some cap on it so I can’t take out lead from the pencil.

  13. BlueWhale, the lead goes in the way it comes out – through the clutch mechanism.

    Some 2mm leads have a plastic or metal band at their rear, which may be a safety measure against the lead falling out – these will have to be passed through the clutch with just a bit more care.

  14. Yes. I finally find out, the stopper(plastic band) exist only for preventing lead from falling out. Except the lead’s stopper, all mechanism is as same as normal holder pen.^^

  15. I just picked one of these bad boys up. The fit and finish is quite nice, and the whole thing oozes class. I think as a writing implement it’ll take a little getting used to, as I have grown more and more fond of my Staedtler 925-25-20 and its grip. However, I adore the Mitsubishi’s mechanical simplicity and overall design, so I hope it finds its way into regular use. Took a quick but not great snapshot to show the wood grain a little bit…which is much lighter than some of the other photos I’ve seen. http://imgur.com/OyVJ6.jpg

  16. Hi Robert, did you get yours at Bundoki.com? Since they are sold out right now. Or if somewhere else would you be able to let me know?
    Thanks very much, having lots of trouble trying to track one down.

  17. Hi Alex, sorry to disappoint but I found mine locally in Taiwan (it’s not a standard imported item though). A cursory search around various Japanese websites shows a lot of places are sold out. If you ask at Bundoki, they may be able to help dig one up or track one down even if they don’t have them currently in stock. Sorry for not being more helpful! Perhaps another reader will have better advice.

  18. I know this thread is so old…but this is first time I have seen the amazing Pure Malt lead-holder!
    I want one, and it is impossible to find one after so many years…
    Thank you for review.

  19. USK, I appreciate the comment. The blog has indeed been around several years! Today, I’d certainly be using a more capable camera.

    The Pure Malt line is still around, but this particular leadholder no longer seems to be part of the offering. I’m not sure if I still have the one shown. And I can report that bottles of Japanese whisky with age statements are definitely now expensive rarities.

  20. I do have 3 Pure Malt ballpoint pens, and one 0.5mm pencil. They are amazing pens, with impressive background. Indeed, the leadholder is no longer available, so my hopes are gone now. I did try to search as much as I could, and nothing can be found, but yours.

    I cannot comment on the Japanese Whiskey, as I don’t know much about that. But it looks like something rare and expensive!

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