Pencil Boxes (III) – California Republic Palomino


California Republic Palomino pencil box

The third and final box of pencils that I was able to locate comes from California Republic Stationers. Two years ago on this blog, it was suggested that these pencils deserved a wooden box!

I was pleasantly surprised – the box has a pleasing patina, and seems reasonably sturdy, with a hinged lid. The hinge hardware is pleasant though generic.

California Republic Palomino pencil box

The box has six pencils – three red, three blue, produced by California Republic’s unnamed Japanese manufacturer. The last Palominos I bought were factory sharpened, while these are unsharpened. The box looks like it could hold another layer of six pencils. The pencils are seated in a clear plastic tray.

California Republic Palomino pencil box

The box I received has some slight blurring/smudging of the graphical imprint, but it doesn’t detract much from the aesthetics.

California Republic Palomino pencil box

Overall, it is a very nice box of pencils.

4 Replies to “Pencil Boxes (III) – California Republic Palomino”

  1. Well this all looks very nice. Shame this box is not still around. My recent order of 24 Palomino’s (4 lots of six) which were supposedly packaged in reusable hard plastic packs came in 4 zip lock bags – what a let down compared to this offering.

  2. Kevin, I had similar problem. I ordered a dozen which the website says will come in a cardbord box, it also came in a ziplock bag. What a shame.

  3. These are beautiful! My God, my list for stationery shopping on the next US trip is getting longer!

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