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Staedtler pencils

Staedtler is one of the two leading global pencil manufacturers. I thought it would be interesting to look further at just what their pencil offerings are.

I took a look at the twenty-two national sites referenced by

Globally, Staedtler offers twelve pencils in four lines. Most European countries get the full range, and the rest of us are offered a subset.

The premiere line, Mars, is composed of the famous Lumograph, and ancillary Stenofix and ergosoft variants. “ergosoft” actually refers to the triangular shaped pencils with rubbery coating – there are other non-Mars ergosoft pencils (Noris, colouring pencils, etc.).

The second line, tradition, is especially interesting, because it is currently being made in both Germany and Australia. The Australian plant also makes a variant with an eraser.

The Noris is the student line, and has six versions.

Finally, the Minerva, whose country of origin isn’t mentioned, is the discount pencil. This is apparently Staedtler’s oldest surviving pencil brand.

I suspect these offerings reflect the importance of children in the marketplace.

Some national sites also show other pencils. Australia and Thailand both have large lists of additional pencils, while the U.S. lists non-repro and non-print pencils from Staedtler Austria. (Which aren’t on the Austrian site.)

While interesting, some pencils – the Norica, the Rally, the Cadet, etc., are not on the wesites as far as I could determine.

By model number, the pencils are:

100 – Mars Lumograph (hexagonal)
101 – Mars stenofix (round)
110 – tradition (hexagonal)
118 – Noris Club triplus (triangular)
119 – Noris Club triplus jumbo (triangular, oversize)
120 – Noris (hexagonal)
122 – Noris (hexagonal, eraser)
130 – minerva (hexagonal)
150 – Mars Ergosoft (triangular, rubber coating)
151 – Mars Ergosoft (triangular, rubber coating, oversize)
152 – Noris Ergosoft (triangular, rubber coating)
153 – Noris Ergosoft (triangular, rubber coating, oversize)

Overall, it is an impressive range. I wonder how many retailers actually carry all twelve pencils?

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  1. Is the Minerva a cousin of the Staedtler Pacific? Looks like it to me, but I might be mistaken..

  2. The Tradition is also produced in the UK, where he’s considerably more popular than in Germany.

    The core for the Pacific manufactured in Thailand comes from Germany (that’s the reason for the print “Made in Germany”), so this one and the Minerva makes them a sort of cousins, both at the lower end of the Staedtler quality range.

  3. Ahh! Thanks Frank.

    I wish I could find a source for the 122 – Noris (hexagonal, eraser) pencil. But stores in Chicago just don’t seem to have them..and I dislike buying online.

    PA – an idea for a new topic. How much of a pencil do most people use? Or in other words, how short does a pencil become before you would consider throwing it away?

  4. Dear sir,
    I am a graphics designer, when I was working at sydney I use to have your few products like lumograph pencils, I am unable to get it here in Pune /India, can you please let me know who is your dealer so that I can buy it from him.


  5. You mention the Norica but do not include it in the list of 12 pencils. I have two boxes of Norica here (blue, hexagonal). The model number is 130 (actually 130 41). Does this mean the Norica is actually a Minerva marketed under a different name? I don’t actually have a Minerva, so I cannot compare.

  6. Marcus, thank you for your comment. I also have some blue Norica pencils. This list is meant to be a summary of pencils that Staedtler publicly market in a global way (at least in 2008). I think it was clear in referencing pencils that Staedtler globally markets, and mentioning that many other pencils are not advertised, or are made just for local markets.

  7. Well found this page while trying to find some information on some Staedtler Norica pencils I have.

    Mine are green with erasers and have the following imprint

    (S.A.) STAEDTLER NORICA 132 40

    Just thought I would mention it for the trainspotters out there as I am only recently paying close attention to the pencils I use.


  8. Thanks for checking in, Quark. I believe the Norica name has also been used for products from the former Staedtler pencil factory in Wales.

  9. There are a few to add:

    tradition 112, eraser (pink in UK, white in Australia)
    yellow 134, eraser(I thought I’ve seen it once in this blog)

  10. The “Rally” is the successor of the former “Cadet”, which had also no model number (at least it was not printed on the pencil).

  11. 2 comments for Dave
    1. I too wish I could find the 120 – Noris (hexagonal) or 122 – Noris (hexagonal, eraser). They write better than the blue and white ones.
    2. I wear my 122 Noris pencils (the few I have left) to about 2 1/2 inches. And, call me crazy, but I don’t throw them away. I keep them on the shelf in a pencil holder to remind me that I can be productive.

  12. newbie here – If I like the Noris Ergosoft 152, what is next? Suggestions on a pencil that is better – performance and looks?


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