Timberlines Pencil Collection – Part 1

Timberlines Pencil Collection

This is the first post in a series about the Timberlines Pencil Collection.

The collection name is improvised – the pencils are a large set of Japanese woodcase pencils that were featured on the Timberlines blog in 2006, so I thought that calling it the Timberlines Pencil Collection was a fitting tribute.

The set is housed in an acrylic display case. The case has ten rows, each row holding twelve ‘slots’. A slot can hold a dozen pencils, so the collection has 120 pencils varieties – and would have 1440 pencils if full. A few pencils are randomly missing from the collection, so there are about 1420 pencils at present.

The pencils are from a range of manufacturers. They are both sharpened and unsharpened, with and without erasers, capped and uncapped, round and hexagonal, and with many other twists that we’ll discover.

I plan on presenting occasional posts on groups of pencils, working through the collection row by row. The plan is to show three to five pencils at a time, each pencil with a small photo or two, and the individual pencil features quickly summarized. I’ll try and note any distinguishing features of the pencils.

Lets get started.

Pencil No. 1 is a novelty pencil, round with a brass-coloured ferrule. The eraser has six colours, in pie shaped wedges. The surface appears to be matte paper. It is marked, “HB 50 A-641 Be Goody Made in Japan.” The pattern shows line drawings of animals.

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Pencil No. 2 is similar to No. 1. However the paper is shiny, the ferrule silver coloured, and the eraser is a light purple with an imbedded whale image. It is marked, “HB 50 A-683 Be Goody Made in Japan.” The pattern shows whales, dolphins, and sea creatures.

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Pencil No. 3 is hexagonal, with no cap, ferrule, or eraser. It has a pattern of fish, plankton, etc., and is marked “TR003 Made in Japan Top Runner”.

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Pencil No. 4 is more familiar – it is a Mitsubishi Uni in 2B, Mitsubishi Pencil Co.’s second top pencil. It is marked “Established 1887 [logo] Mitsu-Bishi Uni 2B” and “Pressure-Proofed Hi-Density Lead 2B”. The pencil is capped.

Timberlines Pencil Collection

Timberlines Pencil Collection

12 Replies to “Timberlines Pencil Collection – Part 1”

  1. I had forgotten that you were the purchaser of this collection when we had the original eBay auction. I am glad you are enjoying it and sharing these images with your readers.

    I still have three more of these complete sets & displays sitting in my office at work. The pencils mixes are a bit different, but consist of all Japanese designer or premium brand pencils as with the set you purchased from us. Mine just sit on the floor along a wall since due to the weight of this many pencils I have not wanted to risk hanging them from the wall and have the display fall off or appart.

  2. That is one awesome Japanese pencil collection! Like having your own Kinokuniya stationery pencil display case. Best part is that if anybody ever tries to give me any grief over my little graphite collection, I can always point them towards this link ;) Thanks for sharing the close up shots of the collection as well, it might highlight something interesting to hunt for on my next trip to the West coast.

  3. My mother in law has a pencil collection, I have no idea how big, and I’ve been looking for a nice display case for her. Any suggestions on where to find one?

  4. I am finding a good display for my collection, with wood and metacrilat but at theis moment I am finding…I have a fountain pen collection in a forniture of wood with three drawers, but I wan to put my pencils on the wall because I have a big corridor at home .If you have an originl idea,tell me please !!

  5. Hey,
    I’m collecting erasers.I have 20.500 pieces now.
    But I have a lot of pencils too.
    Can we swap pencils to erasers?
    Or I can sale these,if somebody needs.
    Please write for me.

  6. I love this! I have been collecting for the past 14 years and am always happy to find others like me but it seems like there are not many in Canada. This is a great display, will keep my eyes peeled on ebay for more. If the original sellers or anyone who would like to trade/sell sees this, please contact me as I’m always in the market. Thanks!

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