Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705


Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

It has been over two years since we last looked at a copying pencil.

The Sanford Noblot, like the Koh-I-Noor Kopierstifte 1561, appears to be a regular graphite pencil, writing with a traditional “black lead” core.

There are still several copying pencils on the market with coloured leads, but the Noblot is the last one I’m aware of in the graphite style.

It is a handsome pencil, with silver lettering on a luminous grey barrel, and a metal cap.

It also has a slogan on the reverse side : “A Bottle of Ink in a Pencil”.

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

The obverse reads “Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705”.

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

If you look carefully, you can see an impressed remnant of the Eberhard Faber heritage: “Woodclinched U.S.A.”.

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

As a pencil, it seems a bit cheap and scratchy. It is definitely an indelible pencil, trouncing the erasure attempts of even the Staedtler Mars plastic.

To test the copying quality, I drew (imperfectly) a circle on a sheet of Bloc Faf paper.

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

I then wet the paper revealing a rich cobalt blue:

Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705

With tissue and other paper types, I’m afraid that I couldn’t pick up much more than a smudge of blue. I’m curious about the exact paper choices and water application techniques that would be required to use the pencil as a working copying pencil.

Do you use this pencil? What do you use it for, and how do you use it?

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  1. We think the Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil 705 is one of the best ones to mark plaster casts. We bought some 10 years ago while we were in the USA. Now we are in Brasilia, Brazil. How could we buy some more pencils?

  2. This is one of the most imcredible pencils in the world. I use it for sketching, and then give it a fine misting of water over all. It is an amazing look. Sometimes I spray enough water to make the ink drip…that also is amazing. My old supply is running out, I, too, would like to know where I could buy some more pencils…?

  3. I’ve used these for many years in construction for marking on wood. They are great for marking cut lines on wet wood when working outdoors. Care must be used in sharpening as the chips stain concrete etc.
    My stock ran out and I, too have been searching for replacements.

  4. I have a limited supply of nobility 705 for purchase. They are $15 per pencil plus shipping. If you are interested leave another comment

  5. What is nobility 705 What i am looking for Sanford noblot 705 “bottle of ink in a pencil” Is this what you have ? Send photo. Thanks, Dan

  6. last time i checked this is a free market society. no one is forced to buy anything at any price. in any case none of those other pencils come close to the quality and reliability of the sandford noblot 705 just like apples to oranges. besides, on ebay you can purchase them for $25 a piece. thanks for your interest

  7. Michael Kapelow: Yes, it’s a free-market, but I’m also free to comment on your attempt to sell them at grossly inflated prices. Unless the only freedom you value is the freedom to sell at a massive markup…?

    I presume you’ve actually tried the alternatives, and aren’t just trashing them to discourage others from trying them?

  8. i’ll try to answer all your comments: i know from personal experience in many industries products are marked up thousands of percentage points and its a norm starting from the dollar stores to light and heavy industries. i’ll be the last person to discourage anyone from trying anything. to answer your question i have tried the replacement pencils, european made pencils, even pencils sold by lee valley, none of them mark as well and as permanent as what is required in my line of work. nothing comes close to the noblot 705. just like you i’m trying to find a product that is compatible to noblot 705 for my purpose. i do not know what would be an inflated price-look at the price of oil and gold. thanks i do appreciate your comments and respect your opinion

  9. Please could you assist me to find sanford no blot ink pencil (705)I need a large quantity.
    I trust that you will reply soon.
    Thanks for your assistance.
    Kind Regards
    Alex Amoo-Dennis

  10. how many pencils are you looking for? i have a limited supply and they are $15 each plus shipping. if you are still interested, leave a message

  11. I have the original Eberhart (German Noblot 705) prior to purchase by Sanford. Limited supply. These are the best indelible pencils ever made. I can let them go for $25.00 each. If anyone has a problem with the price I am sorry. I spent a good bit of money to purchase these and will let some go that I do not need. The price is simply a matter of supply and demand as well as the quality of these pencils.

  12. These pencils are not being manifactured (noblot 705) anymore. the only way you can get these specific ones are from those who already have them. I have a limited supply for sale if you are interested

  13. As I said I have 100 plus of these pencils and I will lower my price to $13.00 plus shipping.

  14. I also have a limited supply of the noblot 705 pencils for sale if you are interested

  15. The stock of sanford noblot 705 pencils I have are made in the USA not in Germany and I am willing to lower my price to $12 plus shipping. If anyone is interested you can email me at

  16. Michael you must need some cash. I stand firm with my $13.00 price as the Germans are known for their superior manufacturing. Plus this IS the original!

  17. Robert I thought your original price was $25. So I guess you need the money more than I do. I also Like to support the american worker instead of foreign ones

  18. I was in a local family owned printer and office supply this morning. I found a display jar that had eleven Sanford NOBLOT INK PENCIL 705 pencils. Bought them all for a good price. Enlarged the collection.

  19. Sorry Michael, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Glad I dropped price to $13.00. Sold 100 the next day.

  20. Scott D.
    I am a prosthetist/orthotist and myself, like dentists use these pencils everyday on plaster. The original 705’s. I reacted to Michael Kapelow’s sales price reduction and let alot of these pencils go for $13.00.
    As I use these daily and need to keep some I a have a few left over. I can let you have up to 50 pencils for $17.00 each.
    These are the original Eberhart Pencils. These are from Germany before the US company bought them out. I use them daily.
    BTW are you in the same field as myself?

  21. Scott D
    Regarding the noblot 705 pencils, as you’ve seen on this site I have some of these pencils, like Robert. They are the original 705 made in the USA. Just like you I use them to write on plaster and stone when its dry. If you are interested I’ll sell you some at $12 each plus shipping but after you the price will go up. If you are interested message me back and If you have any questions feel free to ask

  22. I need to purchase a couple of the noblot 705 pencils for my husbands birthday, he is in the othotic industry, can someone give me a good price?

  23. Hello,

    We have great indelible pencils Adel. They have fantastic feedback from dental technicians. Minimum quantity we can sell is 12 pencils and each pencil cost £1.85+tax.
    Please contact me if you would like to buy trial pencils.
    Please e mail me to

  24. Hello,

    I work in oral pathology and we use the Noblot pencil 705’s for writing on tissue that is usually wet. I purchased some replacements off ebay but the led on the new pencils is hard and doesnt work as well as whats left of the old pencil.
    I need a good replacement option if anyone has any ideas. Blue or purple, indelible through alcohols, xylene, soft led.

  25. Robert….How many do you have and what price are you asking. I don’t need a lot as they last me a long time. I have a Prosthetics company and we haven’t found anything that works nearly as well for our work with plaster. Thanks

  26. Chris,
    I am also a Prosthetist-Orthotist. When I found out a couple of years ago that SPS bought up the remaining supply of the 705’s I found a source and hoarded these things. I spent way more than I should. I know it sounds expensive but I paid $10.00 a pencil. I am asking $15.00 now as I have sold over 200 of them. How many do you need?

  27. Michael Kapelow, how can you have ‘original’ NoBlot pencils that are made in the US if the original company was German, that’s like saying I have an original VW beetle made in mexico… if it isn’t made in the original location then it isn’t original. something as simple as a change in water can have a significant effect on the end product, Budweiser is a good example the original czech bud being vastly superior to the cheap, nasty american so-called original. you seriously need to do some research before attempting to charge such a ridiculous amount for an ink pencil too, considering the derwent ink pencils are vastly superior than the american noblots and compare favorably with the GERMAN originals and only cost a few £ each, oh by the way I know what I am talking about seeing as I use these daily outdoors in truly horrid conditions at times as a carpenter and bodger (green wood worker) and the only thing to come close is a chinagraph pencil

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