Colleen Pencil Co. 2.0


The 19th International Stationery and Office Products Fair in Tokyo (underway now) has seen a major pencil announcement – the revival of the famed Colleen Pencil Co. It seems this is the Thailand based version of the company, relaunching products in Japan.

Two products in particular look fantastic to me:

A nostalgic recreation of the 1967 Hi Pierce pencil in a beautiful pencil box. I wish other manufacturers would recreate their past masterpieces!

A luxury teak coloured pencil. I am not sure of the actual wood used in the pencil.

I will definitely be purchasing these products when they arrive on the market.

Congratulations, and best wishes to the Colleen Pencil Co.!

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  1. Those look great! I’m going to Japan next week, any idea where I can pick some of these up? (I don’t read Japanese and Babel Fish is … ehm… less than helpful)

  2. I wish that that lovely Hi Pierce pencil set were available to us in the USA. Colleen pencils could multiply their business if they had an English version of their website from which one could order.

  3. The teak colorded pencil is made from actual teakwood
    instead of incense-cedar.
    These pencils will be sold at “” from August 1st.

  4. isu, thank you for the clarification.

    I am even more excited now!

    Some years ago, Colleen issued a set of twenty-four pencils, each pencil made from a different wood species. (If anyone owns this set and wants to sell it, let me know.)

    Trying different woods (even if not all are practical or economically viable) is a great way to explore the potential of the pencil.

    These new Colleen products look extremely promising.

  5. About “Jyumoku-pencils” of Colleen.?”jyumoku” means wood)

    12 pencils are single-unit, and Colleen issued two series.
    So, there are 24 kinds of pencils made from a different wood species.

    I have the one series(no.13-24?, and I’ll send it to you.
    Please mail me :)

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