Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil


Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil

The Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil is the last in our series on the pencils of Korea.

This pencil has a black matte finish and black dyed wood. To my eye, it has a very powerful minimal design. I’m told that this pencil is very hard to find, even in Korea. Though I considered setting it aside for some sort of special occasion, I did wind up sharpening it. The lead, while not bad, wasn’t at the same level of excellence as the pencil’s appearance.

Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil

My favourite Korean pencil (among those I’ve seen) is easily the Munhwa Deojon hi-mic, based on the quality of the lead. Finish-wise, the Black Wood and Hankook Sharp Office both stood out.

It is great that Korea still has a woodcase pencil industry (though some of these pencils were made in China), and I congratulate those who are continuing to manufacture these writing implements.

Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil

My thanks to Kent for providing these pencils.

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  1. these have 2 b cool can u get 1 in the us if u find the answer leave it here and i will read it

  2. Dong-a Pencil’s heritage is Mitsubishi pencil.
    Dong-a took over Mitsubishi’s pencil factory in Korea after Korean indipendence.

    I believe they still use same machine to make pencils. that’s empressive.

  3. Hi, Since this is pencil talk…perhaps you can help me…I’m looking for a black wood, black laquer, round with a flat top…no eraser.
    Not so easy to find via internet search.
    Any suggestions?

  4. I am looking for an all black wood pencil with as little writing on it as possible.

    Thank you.


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