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An unexpected package arrived yesterday with no note and only a partial name on the outside. I’ll reply to the postal address directly, but I also wanted to say thank you here.

Filled with fantastic looking Nataraj and Apsara pencils, I’ll take a wild guess that the package came from a reader of this blog.

Thank you.

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  1. You’re welcome. The package was from me. My company outsources its software development to India and so once I learned about the Hindustan pencil company, I had one of our associates there purchase a sampling of their products and send them to me. I thought you would enjoy trying some of them out. They make several other models, but these are ones he found readily available.

    Boy did it take a long time for that package to reach you! I think I mailed it like two weeks ago.

    I am indeed a regular reader of Pencil Talk. I love woodcased pencils and started collecting them a few years ago. My pencil cup at work has samples of all kinds of pencils, and is a source of wonder and amusement for my coworkers (I also possess the only pencil sharpener in the office, so that’s another claim to fame as well as occasional benefit to others in the office).

    Hope you enjoy the pencils. I particulary like the Aspara Beauty.

  2. They are indeed appreciated. The Nataraj black and gold ‘executive’ pencil is another that caught my eye. I’ll put up some photos in the future.

    Thanks very much!

  3. I am from India..and the names Nataraj and Apsara caught my eye. We grew up with those! Maybe the next time I go home, I’ll get you some of the other brands.

    I love your site!


  4. Could you do me a favor and email me your shipping address? I’ve got various pencils I’d like to send along, one of them being those Papermate “Choice” pencils (just what *is* their wood?). In addition, I’ve got lots of older pre-1970’s #4 pencils you might want to investigate. My thrift store find is those Eberhard Faber “Banner 666” pencils with “No.2” in script. They’ve got to be old. Those 3 numbers combined might not be so marketable today! :)

    My pencil holder at home also has quite a few different models, and of course I use them at work everyday. Like Steve, I may have one of the only plugged in sharpeners, one of the Boston blue electrics.

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