Mucu Type RN-B Notebook

Mucu Type RN-B Notebook

This is a super-lightweight yet fun and practical notebook.

Made of cardboard with paper that is called “comic” (from comic books?), it has a bright removable elastic band.

It has that look of a found or reclaimed object, though there is clearly quite a bit of design in this functional notebook. It may be part of a larger movement that seems focused on used basic materials, yet incorporating design principles.

Mucu Type RN-B Notebook

The paper takes pencil without problem. A Pilot Petit1 fountain pen saturated the page to the other side, though didn’t noticeably feather.

The pages are ring-bound.

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  1. Yes, they make a nice looking line of notebooks. Where did you get the one above? Do they have a distributor in the U. S.?

  2. The lettering on the cover reminds me of the lettering on the sides of the boxes of merchandise I used to open as a housewares stockclerk. I like this sort of severe look.

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