General’s 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

General's 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

We’ve seen that mechanical pencils and leadholders can use graphite in a wide range of diameters. Here is one of the extremes, the “Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick” from the General Pencil Company in the U.S.

General's 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

The packaging says this graphite stick can be used for “drawing, sketching, creating negative space and for covering large areas.” We’re also informed that the clutch holder will “keep your hands clean.”

General's 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

The holder is made in Germany – the only non-U.S. made product bearing the “General’s” brand name that I am aware of. (General distributes the Spanish Factis brand, but the products are not rebranded.) Lyra is also in the large clutch pencil market – perhaps they (or a common supplier) is the source.

Using a new pencil can be messy. The leadholder as it arrived was covered in graphite dust that doesn’t easily rinse away. The graphite stick itself (in a plastic box) has some loose fragments and a lot of surrounding dust. It measures about 13mm in diameter.

General's 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

Though plastic, the leadholder seems sturdy, and the five-jawed clutch is easy to manipulate. (Smaller diameter clutch leadholders usually have three jaws.)

General's 206H Jumbo Clutch Holder & Layout Stick

It definitely works at laying drown broad lines, and is a very interesting drawing implement.

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  1. Funny coincidence – I got the LYRA 4766120 leadholder recently. It is the largest in the LYRA range and (according to the manufacturer) made for leads with a diameter of 10 to 12 mm. It is made of black plastic but looks almost identical to the one you have shown.

  2. Since I couldn’t find it in the stores nearby, I ended up getting the Intus 10 and Intus 123 pastel holders which looked to be in the same size range and looked very similar.

  3. Alberto, most interesting! You have quite the assembly of art supplies! I haven’t previously heard of the Intus brand. Who knows, all these products might have the same origin.

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