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The last few days have seen some notable pencil blogging milestones:

The 100th post at Lung Sketching Scrolls! Also be sure to visit the rest of the site. The most recent post discusses the entire range of colour 3.8mm lead products on the market today.

The 200th post at Lexikaliker, and a most fascinating one at that!

Finally, the third anniversay of Dave’s Mechanical Pencils was yesterday! Congratulations on three great years!

As, well, here is an interesting How to draw with lead video at How to Architect. Several years of work must have gone into attaining that level of skill.

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  1. Much like certain other anniversaries, I forgotten about by my blog one too!
    Thanks, Dave.
    And congrats to the other folk mentioned too.

  2. Thank you kindly. Congrats to fellow bloggers. The lead drawing video was interesting and reminded me of the hours spent in drafting class projects. At a time before computer-assisted-design became the norm, and the worst things that could happened were leaky technical pens and smears on your drawing paper from stray graphite and dust on your straight edge.

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