Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder

Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder

Wörther is a company I’ve come to admire.

“Quality” is easy to state, but what does it mean from a manufacturer? A formal policy process? An informal process? A philosophy?

In the realm of mechanical pencil manufacturing, I will leave a formal response to that question to the experts, but from a personal perspective, the products of Wörther seem to be the embodiment of the idea.

Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder

Whether plastic or metal, they seem to use quality materials. Their products have design elements that are thoughtful and original. I’ll mention a personal favourite, the Slight pencil, in a future post.

The Shorty is a 3.15mm clutch leadholder. A centimetre or two longer than the Kaweco leadholder, it is much more easily held, and has a practical hexagonal shape. It comes in a variety of colour finishes. My choice of grey does tend to highlight stray graphite smudges. The clip is integrated with the clutch advance mechanism, and creates a great sensation and surprise when opening the clutch, as the clip/button visibly descend within the pencil. I have never seen a design like this, and it is an example of why Wörther’s products are so interesting.

While plastic, there are no seams, and the pencil appears quite solid.

Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder

The pencil ships with three cardboard tubes, each containing a different refill type – graphite in 7B, a vibrant red, or a rarely seen white lead. It seems the Shorty is being offered as a general purpose marking pencil.

Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder

Overall, it a great writing implement with an excellent design.

11 Replies to “Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder”

  1. Nice review of one of my favorite 3.15 mm leadholders. Only have a couple of black ones, for I haven’t seen any of the other colors produced available in the USA. While the 7B lead is nice for really dark marks, it tends to lose its sharp point rather quickly. Thus, I tend to load mine with Caran ‘D”Ache Technograph 3 mm graphite leads which are also a good fit and come in HB, 3B, and 6B.

  2. Actually, I’m not very interested in lead holders, because I feel them as instruments for artists, not for the people like me who will use them for general writing.
    But this German clutch pencil attracts me with its great simplicity.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Alberto, that’s a good point – the default leads are easily changed.

    Kent, thanks for your comment, and congratulations on the new site for your blog!

    I would like to write something more at a later time about clutch pencils and why some of us like them.

  4. Looks good, especially with that red!

    I look forward to further writings on lead holders, I’ve just become aware of them recently, and would be glad to know about more of them, it looks like a great cross over writer for journaling, and sketching.

  5. The Shorty is one of my favourite lead holders. Small and solid and cheap enough to lose (which i do too often at school). Sits in the hand nicely and has a good black lead in mine. I have one with a red barrel which is very fine.

    Great blog.

  6. hello, i just came across your blog and i have enjoyed it. by the way how do you get that lead so sharp? ( i have a black worther but can’t get it sharp!)

  7. KUM Lead Pointer for 2mm and 3.15mm lead, with sand paper & sponge pencil-tip cleaner: this beauty can sharpen 2 mm and 3.15 mm leads to razor sharp points!

  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that The Worther Shorty will be an item I will be soon importing and distributing in the USA. I will actually carry this line among other innovative items that I already distribute. The new Shorty will be sold with a ball point refill and 3 graphite 7B leads, for $14.99. We should have this item in stock in a couple of months from now. In case anyone is interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@funxionalproducts.com and we will be able to let you know when the Shorty will be available.

    Thank you.


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