Five pencil information sites

Here are five great pencil information websites. If you’re seeking to identify an old pencil, or information about a defunct brand, these are the places to start:

1. Pencil Pages has an extensive assortment of pencils from American manufacturers. If you want to see a Providence Narragansett or a Mallard Vita-Tone, this is the place!

2. Brand Name Pencils is a great reference for worldwide brands. Often cited for the appealing graphic design and easy navigation, it showcases a vast array of pencils.

3. has more than leadholders! The “Wood Cased Drafting Pencil Gallery” has photos with knowledgeable commentary, production dates, and many cross references to scanned historical catalogues.

4. KUR?UN KALEM / BLEISTIFT, in Turkish and German, has an amazing array of pencil history on display. Even if you don’t understand the text, be sure to navigate around the site. It has many old catalogues, advertising, and pencil displays that won’t be seen elsewhere.

5. Georg Büttner’s Bleistiftseiten, in German, has comprehensive information about German manufacturers, past and present.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I have visited the “Kur?un Kalem/Bleistift” site quite a while ago and was happy to see that it has been updated extensively.

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