Felissimo 500 Colour pencil set launches worldwide!

Felissimo recently relaunched their amazing set of 500 colour pencils in Japan.

This news was already exciting, but Felissimo recently contacted me, and told me about their plans to make these pencils available globally by monthly subscription! 25 pencils are sent from Japan each month for 20 months. The subscription price is $33.00 per month, inclusive of all costs.

I congratulate Felissimo on embracing the market beyond Japan, and wish them well. I hope other pencil manufacturers will follow.

Kossy has some photos of the second set here if you want a non-PR photo. They look amazing!

There is more. I’m happy to say that pencil talk has agreed to participate in the product’s promotion. There are a few reasons for this: I think it is an extraordinary offering that supports the creative use of pencils; I support the efforts of Japanese stationers to offer their outstanding products globally, and think a direct offer via the web is an excellent decision. And yes, they’re sending some pencils this way!

We’ll take a look at the actual pencils in September!

12 Replies to “Felissimo 500 Colour pencil set launches worldwide!”

  1. how neat! i look forward to your review. i’d like to see how they compare to similar products already available readily in the states.

  2. I would love to get a set, yet I fear I would not even try them since getting replacement pencils would not be practical. Looking forward your review on such a unique items as well.

  3. Its looks a fantastic set, but it does seem a shame that as you use a pencil you won’t be able to replace it. Or have I got that wrong?

  4. Hopefully information on their lightfast ratings will be forthcoming. Are these wax or oil based? Finally, I would never order a set of any brand that does not make individual replacements readily available. Can’t wait to see what information you can give us in September!

  5. Fair enough regarding individual replacements, though the reality is that most (nearly all?) colour pencil sets are sold this way. None of the art supply stores in my area carry open stock (individual colour pencils), though I know they are available in larger cities and online.

  6. Yes I agree getting replacements for normal coloured pencil sets is a problem, but this set is being sold for both practical and aesthetic value. That nice wall display won’t look so nice with lots of blank spaces, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a fantastic idea, but maybe still a little room for extra enhancement.

  7. I would love to be able to get a set to try out. My concerns are quality, lightfast ratings, layering abilty, & ability to purchase on open stock. Awaiting more information on formulation as well.
    But I guess with that many colors, one wont need to blend as much. $660. is alot of money to chance.

  8. Just unbelievable! – I like the idea of using these pencils as a “colour spectrum” wall decoration.

    Good luck with promoting that exceptional product!

  9. I suppose this is interesting and they look like nice pencils. However, no one needs 500 different colors. You can create most colors just by overlaying colors. I will stick with my 72 set of Prismacolors. They haven’t failed me yet. :)

  10. Could you please let me know when these pencils can be purchased in the U.S. I am very
    interseted in buying a set.

    Thank you,

  11. Hi Debbie, in between last August and now, Felissimo did launch US sales of these pencils. This blog briefly participated in promoting the pencils. In the interim, it was announced that the Felissimo New York office was closing. I don’t know the current status, but sales continue from Japan via felissimo.com.

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