Kirin Thermo-Pencil

Kirin Thermo-Pencil

Snow, ice, and the temperature can be frequent topics of conversation in December.

This temperature talk reminded me of an interesting pencil from Kirin, a smaller Japanese pencil manufacturer.

The rectangular pencil has a small thermometer attached.

Kirin Thermo-Pencil

The side of the pencil is marked:

Kirin Japan/Japon NEC-42 HB

Kirin Thermo-Pencil

The finish is very nice – a very thick clear lacquer. I’d love to see a more mainstream pencil from Kirin with this finish.

The shape makes sharpening and holding the pencil less than ideal, in my view.

Kirin Thermo-Pencil

The temperature strip indicates the pencil does warm up from being held in one’s hand:

Kirin Thermo-Pencil

A most unusual novelty pencil.

4 Replies to “Kirin Thermo-Pencil”

  1. I find these intriguing. So, am I right in my understanding that as you hold the pencil at the other end while you write, the heat conducts through the wood (a classical insulator for electricity) and heats up the entire pencil enough to knock it up a few degrees? How amazing! I’d love to get my hands on one of these- it’s quite a step up from the “mood pencils” of my day, which I loved. I have to say I love a good gimmicky pencil as much as I love a top notch, quality pencil. Yes, as my name indicates, I went to school in the 90s, and loved the pencil machine at my school, with all its iridescent, holographic, glow-in-the-dark, neon pencils. I wanted them all. Which brings me to another point- no one here seems to like them, or want to talk about them, but the Moonbeams pencils are high quality- if anyone has any they want to get rid of, please think of the children! (Read: Think of me!)

  2. I have one of those pencils, a pink one. I dont get a lot of use of it, but it is actually interesting looking at it… sometimes :)

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