6 Replies to “A pencil advantage”

  1. They work in -40° too :)

    Doesn’t get that cold here in Nashville but when I lives in Fairbanks it did. I used pencils :)

  2. Plus they don’t take any time to start up in the morning.

    Had an awful snowstorm end of 2010 – public transit was out; had more than a metre of snow – but actually now it’s rather nice (:

  3. nope..not too cold here in houston. it might start out all cool but I have a light jacket on but by mid day im in short sleeve and flipflops.
    then it will rain for 3 days straight and totally throw you off lol

  4. Is that a Mazda Protege or Mitsubishi Mirage hiding under that snow? We got dumped on here on the 17th, and we got a bit more today.

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