Poppin pencils

Poppin pencils

Poppin was kind enough to send a few samples this way.

Poppin pencils

Their pencils and erasers form a nice duo. (They also sent some ballpoints, but we won’t speak of those.)

The pencil is round and has black dyed wood and black finish with an integrated (black) eraser without metal ferrule. The lettering and trim are silver, and they list for $3 a dozen. The erasers are three for $2. Rather remarkable for the price. I know this pencil will appeal to a lot of people because black dyed pencils are a regular topic in the blog inbox.

The lead is dark and rich, yet scratchy and gritty. Almost right, yet problematic.

Poppin pencils

The block eraser is reasonable:

Poppin pencils

The black eraser mainly smears:

Poppin pencils

Poppin uses custom packaging. Air pockets:

Poppin pencils

Cardboard box:

Poppin pencils

Internal box divider:

Poppin pencils

At first, I couldn’t tell how they sold (or intended to sell) their product. My reading of their website suggests they love corporate accounts, but also sell directly.

I used one pencil and one eraser – I’ll send the other eleven pencils and two erasers via Canada Post to the first commenter who mentions that they would like to receive them.

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  1. I love Poppin’s packaging. Their products are interesting, definitely a cool way to spice up your office supplice if that’s what you’re after. I placed an order with them and was pretty thrilled with the package, but once the novelty wore off I went back to all my usual brands. They’re a fun gimmick.

  2. Thanks for the review. What a shame that the black eraser smears. The way the eraser is integrated reminds me of the TiTi T-Prime pencil. The eraser even seems to have the same length and shape as the TiTi T-Prime pencil. I wonder whether that is more than a coincidence. If the Poppin pencils were made in Japan I suspect they’d be made on the same machines, but my guess is that the Poppin pencils are made in China.

  3. Matthias, my photo may not show it but the eraser is not as carefully integrated as those of the T-Prime or Ito-ya pencils. It appears lumpy and doesn’t sit flush with the side of the pencil. And yes, the Poppin pencils are from China.

  4. Love this poppin pencils. This have fun packaging which can help to attract customers.

  5. Poppin pens, notebooks, and even “pebble erasers” (no pencils, though)are stocked at Chapters.

  6. I have a collection of old pencils and drawing materials that might be worth something to someone.

    If anyone there is interested in details and photos please send me an email address to send it o. Thanks

    Thank you, “Holly”

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