4 Replies to “Grammy Awards note the loss of Sean Malone”

  1. Thanks for calling attention to Sean’s presence in this memorial.

    It’s always sobering to read a necrology of musicians, especially as so many musicians’ deaths get little attention in the press. So this kind of list always bring news. I didn’t know, for instance, that Tim Bogert (from the NJ town where I lived as a teenager) had died, or Bobby Few, or, or.

    We were all fortunate to have known Sean.

  2. Michael, thank you.

    I’m reminded of how low key Sean was about his professional success. Being recognized by the Grammys and NPR is no small feat.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the mention of Sean.

    NPR’s long list really brings sadness. The music of some of them has accompanied me for many years.

    Yes, we were really fortunate to have known Sean.

  4. Gunther, thank you.

    I agree that we were fortunate to have known Sean.

    These posthumous tributes are not what we really want, but do remind us of Sean’s impact in so many areas. I’m still astounded that Sean met both Count Anton von Faber-Castell and Eberhard Faber IV. Yet, I’m also struck by so many accounts of people who say they took up bass guitar because of Sean, and that they loved his lessons and classes. How many musicians published multiple music books, taught music theory, presented at Bach and Gould conferences, while also touring the world with progressive rock bands?

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