Noted with sadness, the registration of the late Sean Malone‘s brilliant blog Contrapuntalism appears set to expire on Monday.

Contrapuntalism contains a wealth of material, including Sean’s accounts of his meetings with Eberhard Faber IV and Count Anton von Faber-Castell.

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  1. A friend of Sean’s e-mailed last year with thoughts about hosting Sean’s sites. Transferring ownership turns out to be a difficult matter. But WordPress told him that Contrapuntalism and Blackwing Pages would still be available: “the content will still be available at the free site addresses and”

    I don’t know if the old URLs will redirect to the new (free site) ones.

  2. Unfortunately, there seems to be a redirection from to With no longer registered, one lands at an error page.

  3. Hi all, I was the one Michael was in contact with regarding this. I will contact WordPress again to see exactly what has happened. It would be a great shame if all of this information would be lost.

  4. Today (the 21st) it appears to be back online at, redirected from That’s good news!

    The content seems to also be in Google cache and at

  5. I’m really glad to see this hasn’t fallen off the web after all. Losing all of Sean Malone’s blog work would be a tragedy.

    I did notice that the links that explicitly link to redirect to a page saying “This domain expired”, but the site is still usable and still works.

    A workaround is to just rewrite the URL to replace .blog with address instead.

    So this URL…

    …doesn’t work as it is. It does work when you change it to this:

  6. That’s it, exactly. Adding “.wordpress” appears to make everything work with both sites.

    I spent close to an hour this afternoon going through my blog and adding “.wordpress”where needed. And I realized anew how generous Sean was, not just in sharing his knowledge but in pointing people to things that might interest them. How many posts I wrote with a “Thanks to Sean for…” at their end,

    What a loss of a great spirit his death represents.

  7. Today is a day Sean would have marked in his blog. Pencils begin the March to their end as soon as one is sharpened, much as we all do. Their daily use creates the mundane and the superlative. Today, we are grateful for the art made by composer, and Blackwing 602 aficionado, Stephen Sondheim. Thank you, sir! Surely he used his pencils for jotting down phone numbers and grocery lists as well as music that influenced the world.

    “Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the wood… Do not let it grieve you. No one leaves for good.” from Into the Woods, Sondheim

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