Crayola Pro Sketch pencil

According to Crayola LLC, only 1% of US households don’t know the Crayola name!

The makers of very famous crayons and so much more, it is no surprise that Crayola (founded in 1885) makes a woodcase pencil. Perhaps it is surprising that this pencil is so hard to find.

Like other large manufacturers, the items one can find here and there are not always in the official catalogue or website. Such is the case with this pencil, which I don’t find mentioned on any Crayola website.

The pencil itself is labelled “Sketch Crayola Pro”, while the packaging suggests the name “Sketchers Pro”.

The package has three pencils in HB, three in 2B, and one each in 4B and 6B. The packaging gives no information about pencil details or the country of manufacture.

The pencils are round and finished in matte black. They have silver lettering and grey dipped ends. The end colour varies with the grade.

The pencils sharpen easily. I can’t discern the type of wood, but it is agreeable from an end user perspective. I hope it isn’t an endangered species!

The HB and 2B pencils have very ho-hum leads. Scratchy and smearing! About what you would expect from a discount pencil. The 4B and 6B are much more interesting. I suspect most children never experience these softer grades, which float across the page. Just by including these two pencils, I think the set partially redeems itself.