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Announcement: August is New Zealand/Australia pencil month!

It’s with great excitement that I am able to announce New Zealand/Australia pencil month here at pencil talk. Thanks to Dave at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils, I have a nice assortment of woodcase pencils from Auckland, New Zealand. None of them are generally available in North America, so this will definitely be of interest to […]

Dixon Tri-Conderoga pencil.

This past month was the first time I had seen the Dixon Tri-Conderoga for sale in Canada. I was quite happy to find a package of six with an accompanying sharpener at a local store.

The package had NAFTA-friendly trilingual (English, French, Spanish) labelling, and revealed that the pencils were made in Mexico. The […]

Staedtler pencil holder 900 25.

Here is an interesting new type of pencil extender, inspired by the mechanical pencil.

While I’ve mentioned pencil extenders previously, this product is a decidedly new take on the idea.

At first glance, it looks like a fancy mechanical pencil, with a retractable eraser, clip, adjustable window for displaying the pencil grade, […]