Staedtler pencil holder 900 25.

Here is an interesting new type of pencil extender, inspired by the mechanical pencil.

While I’ve mentioned pencil extenders previously, this product is a decidedly new take on the idea.

At first glance, it looks like a fancy mechanical pencil, with a retractable eraser, clip, adjustable window for displaying the pencil grade, and a very finely etched grip. But it takes a woodcase pencil in it’s clutch.

It provides a lot of the characteristics and feel of a mechanical pencil. It’s quite pleasant to hold. Grip styles are of course a personal preference, but if you like the sorts of grips that technically-oriented mechanical pencils tend to offer, I think you’ll like the Staedtler.

It almost makes one want to cut some pencils in half to better use this holder.

(The images can be clicked to see close-ups.)

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  1. i had bought something simuler, but it holds a golf size pencil, and incases it, when you want to use it, it flips around, making it a full size pencil, if anyone has any ideas on it???

  2. I haven’t been able to find the Staedtler 900 25 anywhere online. Anyone have any tips on where I might be able to order one? I’m in the States.

  3. Just to follow up. I ordered two 900 25 pencil holders from and they arrived in a reasonable amount of time. They are indeed excellent pencil holders. I recommend ordering a set of spare erasers as well since you will pay the same in shipping. The erasers are fairly long and last a while but if you use them everyday like I do you will be wishing you had ordered some spares.

  4. SK,
    This extender works with a screw down or collet that binds the pencil in the barrel. This take a half lenght pencil to work well. These things are similar to a pin vise used for fine drills in jewelry and clockmaking. A full length pencil places the center of gravity of the pencil and holder too high and back to write comfortably. When the pencil is further in the barrel than shown in the pic, it has a very nice feel. I purchased this and a blue one from Jet Pens. The eraser end twists to extend or retract a staedler type white eraser.

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