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Books on Pencils (I)

Sorry for the delay since the last post. The entire editorial staff was under the weather this week.

Following up on the excellent contributed list of children’s books on pencils, we’re going to take a look at three adult-oriented books on pencils.

Marco Ferreri, Editor. Pencils. Mostre Georgetti, Milan, 1996.

Bill Henderson, Editor. Minutes […]

Children’s Books on Pencils

January 27th will be National Literacy Day. As a small contribution, pencil talk is delighted to present this guest post, a list of quality children’s books that feature pencils. […]

Schoollocker squared index cards

Schoollocker is an Etsy store. Etsy is a large online marketplace of hand crafted items, almost akin to Ebay, though items are not sold by auction. An offering I noticed was a quadrille/squared/gridded/graph paper index card. I love this type of index card, and can’t find any close to home.

If the Exacompta cards […]

Musgrave HB pencil

The Musgrave Pencil Company, like the General Pencil Company, is one of the last independent American pencil makers. […]

New index page

This site now has an index page. I’ve tried to put links to most of the past pencil and stationery content, organized by topic. I also created links to the most popular posts (so far). Please let me know if there are any problems.

Link: pencil talk index


Can any of our Tokyo readers comment?

An article in the Kyodo News mentions a specialty pencil store, as well as the resurgence of pencil sales in Japan.

“Gojuon, which means the Japanese alphabet, is a specialty retail store for ballpoint pens and pencils located in a back alley of Tokyo’s Ginza district, better known […]