Exacompta Squared Record Cards

Exacompta Squared Record Cards

The name is convoluted – but that is what they are called – “Fiches Bristol”, “Record Cards”, “Fichas Bristol”, “Karteikaten”, “Steekkaarten”, or “Schede Bristol”.

Closer to home, they might be called “index cards” – but where can one find index cards like this?

Exacompta Squared Record Cards

They are made of superior paper in seven sizes (mm units):








White, and in Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Orange.

Five formats: plain, ruled, squared, plain with holes, and squared with holes.

They are index card nirvana. The organizational transcendence beckons.

The cards are magnitudes higher quality than those found at ‘big box’ stores – plus in squared rule ( a.k.a. graph paper) format. They are absolutely unlike the brands many of us have had to resolve ourselves to using.

The cards are thick coated white paper (210g/m2) with purple ruling. The boxes they come in open like playing card boxes. (To me, the smaller cards seem thinner than the larger cards, but there is no documentation of this.)

Exacompta Squared Record Cards

With pencils, they are a great pair. With fountain pens, there is no feathering, no bleed through – but drying time may be more than some prefer. This is serious writing paper, in another format.

Exacompta Squared Record Cards

Overall, they are one of the best stationery items I have ever found. The creative and organizational power they offer is immense.

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  1. I just returned from Paris with a SUITCASE FULL of great paper, (others shop for souvenirs…I bring home paper) including lots of packages of the Exacompta cards in different sizes. And Clairfontaine books and pads. What’s amazing to me is that this great quality paper is what their schoolchildren use, so it’s very inexpensive over there. Not that you should go to Paris for paper, but it’s certainly fun to bring home!

  2. That must have been a heavy suitcase! It sounds like a great trip.

    I didn’t note this when I wrote the above, but 148×210 is “A5”. Even in North America, every printer/software package I’ve found support this paper size without problem, so they are great for printing calendars, templates, etc.

  3. I have recently run out of Exacompta Squared Record Cards (Fiches Bristol) 75X125 (5X5).

    I use these in my leather pocket note holder. These cards were obtainable in packs of 100 in white with purple lines, blue, and yellow from an ancient stationers in the Marlebone Road …..now alas gone.

    I have now exhausted my supplies and can’t find another stockist. Any advise as to where these may be obtined woudl be greatly apprecaited.

  4. I have discovered the high quality of the Exacompta index cards only recently after spontaneously buying a pack of 74 × 105 in yellow. I must admit that the design of their box was a major reason for my purchase but I am very much taken with the content too. Have they already reached gold standard status? ;-)

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