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Staedtler 925 95 drafting pencils

While I didn’t mind the Pentel 120, the Mars micro was not to my taste. Drafting tools are supposed to be Staedtler’s turf, so I thought I would try something else from them. A little bit of research indicated that the 925 95 series is highly regarded, though sometimes tricky to find.

The inner […]

Steno pencils: pencils with a job

Faber-Castell and Staedtler each make a specialty extension to their premier lines – a “steno pencil”, aimed at shorthand practitioners. They are round versions of the Castell 9000 and Lumograph 100.

Staedtler’s entry is the Mars Stenofix, model 101. A round version of the Lumograph 100 (a Lumograph 101?), it is dark blue, but […]

Red and Blue pencils

An interesting traditional specialty pencil is the red and blue pencil. Still manufactured today, this pencil is one half red, one half blue. (Both lead and varnish.)

While accounting, school, and editorial uses for this pencil may be traditional, I can imagine many other functions, including U.S. political consultants using these to plot on […]

O’Bon: Say “No” to Wood Pencils

Yesterday’s San Francisco State University Xpress had an article on O’Bon. According to the article, the company is Malaysian headquartered, with sales in Asia and North America. They make “environmentally friendly” products such as pencils cased in recycled newspapers.

They operate several websites:

A blog, where they mention, among other things, that their pencils have […]

Staedtler eraser

Here is a fun eraser from Staedtler. The triangular wedge shape goes very nicely with their triangular Ergosoft line.

Staedtler 925 25 20 2.0mm leadholder

Wow, this is just a beautiful leadholder.

Made by Staedtler Japan, it has a number of interesting features, not least of which is a push button advance. The 2.0mm lead advances by clicking the cap. It functions just like a regular mechanical pencil, but with 2.0mm lead. Very nice.

It […]